Ophthalmology Services

Get the Most Suitable Glasses and Frames for Your Eyes

Eyeglasses are now more fashionable than ever. There is a large array of frames and lenses to choose from. Most importantly, your glasses should be crafted to enhance your vision and fit your special needs. Our staff use only top quality lenses made to the doctor's exact specifications.

Designer frames are trendy and stylish; are also better quality frames with more attention to the details. The finish is usually more elaborate, with several coats of color glaze that prevent peeling and flaking. They also do not corrode as quickly with perspiration and skin oils.

Single Vision Lenses function as all purpose lenses for persons under the age of 40 years, who have normal accommodation.

Bifocal Lenses on the other hand, are the most commonly used lenses by people over the age of 40 years. The upper portion of the lens is focused for distance vision and the bifocal portion is focused for close-up vision.

Trifocal Lenses have an added segment to provide clear vision at arm's length distance, the area that is usually blurred with bifocals.

Progressive Lenses are quickly gaining in popularity. The "no-line trifocals" provide continuous clear vision at far, midrange and near without showing any lines.

Ultra Thin High-Index Lenses are the lightest and most comfortable lenses for adults. They allow light to be bent differently so that stronger corrections are thinner than when made with regular plastic. They include UV protection.

U.V. Protection blocks hazardous ultraviolet light. Research has shown that prolonged exposure to sunlight can increase the risks of cataract and macular degeneration.

Transition Lenses are photochromic plastic lenses that are clear indoors and dark outdoors, and provide total UV protection. They are also available in thin lenses with anti-reflective coating for maximal comfort.

Tinting of the lenses adds extra comfort, especially during sunny days.

Anti-Reflection Coating eliminates annoying reflections and the glare of night driving as well as eliminating glare from a computer or television screen.

Polarized Lenses make the best sunglasses. They eliminate glare and help sensitive eyes.


Crizal AntiGlare Treatment

Prevencia Anti-Glare Treatment protects your eyes from blue light which is emitted from digital devices and natural sources. Blue light presents a risk factor for the onset of age-related macular degeneration.

Choose the Most Appropriate Lens Treatment for Your New Glasses

Your Condition   Recommended
You do not want the bifocal line to show Progressive lenses
You are sensitive to light Tint and U.V Coating
You use the glasses indoors and outdoors Transitions Lenses
Your prescription exceeds 2 diopeters Thin lenses (High Index)
You are Active with sports Thin Lenses (Polycarbonate)
You spend a lot of time outdoors Sunglasses / Polarized Lenses
You are bothered by reflections and glare Anti-reflection coating
You are rough on your glasses Scarth-resistant coating
You have Cataract or macular degeneration U.V Coating / Transition Lenses
You had cataract surgery U.V Coating / Transition Lenses